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Whether its you or a family member struggling with addiction its one of the hardest experiences you will ever go through. There are many options when it comes to seeking treatment. There is not one perfect path to successful recovery. It is important to work with the client and family to assess the individuals needs and stage of recovery before determining the level of support and course of action. I have personal experience navigating this journey and know how difficult and frustrating it can be. I have built relationships in multiple recovery communities an can help provide guidance, support and education throughout the process.

- Intervention Support

- Detox & Rehab Placement

- Harm Reduction & Maintenance

- Sober Living Resources

- Peer Support / Life Coach

- Family Support

- Sober Companion

Addiction Counseling


By providing one on one support, services are tailored to each individuals specific needs. Working with clients to find inner resilience to overcome daily struggles and challenging situations. The focus is on doing - by improving life, reaching for goals and learning emotional balance along the way.

- Peer Support

- Life Coach / Sober Coach

- Trauma Informed Care

- Cognitive Restructuring



I use a combination of life skills training and tutoring as a unique way to help individuals achieve academic success at a core level. Unlike traditional tutoring that only focuses on academics, I believe it is just as important to build self confidence and emotional balance along side on educational goals. 

- College Applications

- PSAT / SAT / ACT Prep

- Tutoring and Life Coaching

- Foundation Skill Building

- Attention & Learning Issues

Education Prep
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